Leveraging Nemera’s scientific expertise and continued effort in the nose-to-brain field


The nose or the nasal route is one of the most commonly explored routes for drug administration. It is non-invasive and does not necessarily require intervention from healthcare professionals. These advantages make the nasal route an interesting field to innovate – new therapies, pushing the boundaries of research around the nasal cavity, etc.

Nemera’s long-standing expertise in developing and manufacturing complex nasal devices encourages us to continue our efforts in trying to make the drug delivery device solutions of tomorrow better. Our innovation teams at Insight by Nemera are exploring the nose-to-brain pathway to enable efficient drug delivery to the central nervous system (CNS). The olfactory region in the nose is challenging to reach due to its small surface. Our two posters, presented during the DDL conference in Edinburgh, will explain in more detail the approach our experts are adopting in this field. DDL (Drug Delivery to the Lungs) is focused on pulmonary and nasal drug delivery, making it a great platform to showcase our expertise. One of the ways to explore the nose-to-brain pathway is with the help of a targeted delivery device to administer drug to the olfactory cleft and use different nasal casts to understand how the drug gets deposited in the nasal cavity (poster 1). To push things a bit further, poster 2 highlights the hard and software designed to study the characterizations of a narrow liquid stream. Our method and prototype of the nasal cavity indicate positive results (>50% of drug deposition).

Along with the expertise at Nemera, we believe it’s critical to interact with industry leaders and peers to ensure the success of our innovations. It is pivotal to collaborate and reflect for potential solid outcomes with neurology as well as ear, nose and throat experts for complex novel therapies like to nose-to-brain.

Professor Elie Serrano, KOL, President of SFORL and the next president of the French ENT society said, “The nose-to-brain pathway is a promising treatment of tomorrow for diverse pathologies. With my peers Thomas Radulesco and Justin Michel, we discuss this viewpoint and the role of ear, nose and throat specialists in the understanding of this subject in our paper – The Role of Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists in the Nose-to-Brain Pathway – PubMed (nih.gov). It’s encouraging to see industry leaders like Nemera focusing their innovation efforts in this field.”

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