Our acquisitions

Strategic acquisitions to fulfil our mission

The consolidation of two businesses results in synergies that increase the value of both entities. Essentially, the value of a merged company exceeds the sum of the values of two individual organizations.
In the last three years, we acquired three companies, sharing with us a strong commitment to improve patients lives and an innovative mindset, to always go the extra-mile to find new solutions.
Thanks to these acquisitions, we are well on our way to achieve our vision of becoming the most patient-centric drug delivery device company worldwide.

2021: Milfra

We acquired Milfra to establish an operational footprint in Brazil and expand our product and services offering to better serve the pharmaceutical industry in Latin America.

Family-owned company founded in 1966, Milfra has specialized in the development and production of vaginal and rectal applicators, as well as oral dosers for the pharmaceutical industry. Milfra has been known for its expertise in high quality and high volume molding and assembly of devices and applicators.

This strategic acquisition has expanded Nemera’s global footprint in Latin America, extending its product offering and providing a foundation for future contract manufacturing services; thereby reinforcing its overall commitment to serving local markets. By integrating a key applicator pure player, Nemera is now able to address specific patient and customer needs in the fields of gynecology and urology.

Copernicus has become Nemera Jaguariúna and is today an integral part of our company.

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2020: Copernicus

We acquired Copernicus to boost parenteral product portfolio and small series capabilities

Founded in 2004, Copernicus has been known as one of the most valued innovative companies in the Polish health sector. They provide a comprehensive range of services in the introduction of modern and intuitive parenteral drug delivery devices.

This acquisition has reinforced our vision of becoming the most patient-centric drug device combination solutions company, bolstering our small series production capabilities, R&D expertise and parenteral product offering. Most importantly it expanded our overall proprietary product portfolio. Copernicus’ fast and agile clinical manufacturing, adapted for small series, complemented Nemera’s historical large scale manufacturing capabilities.

Copernicus has become Nemera Szczecin and is today an integral part of our company.

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2019: Insight

We acquired Insight Product Development to strengthen our capabilities in early stage development and to reinforce client proximity in North America.

For decades, Insight Product Development has delivered innovation in both medical and drug delivery devices services spanning the full development life cycle from early user research and human factors through to verification and design transfer. Insight has helped clients discover, innovate, and develop new product solutions through a user-centered design approach.

The combination of both innovation organizations combined the strengths of Insight Product Development in front-end innovation, design research, human factors and design engineering with Nemera’s strong late-stage development, as well as clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities.

Insight Product Development is today an integral part of our “Insight Innovation Center”.

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