Our Governance

Nemera Leadership

At Nemera, we believe that leaders with a compelling vision and sense of purpose inspire and embark their teams on a shared journey. Our leadership constitutes of high-performing individuals who incarnate this belief. Under CEO Marc Hämel’s leadership, the Nemera Leadership Team oversees the strategic direction, operations and various enabling functions of the company. Nemera is jointly owned by private equities – Astorg and Montagu.

CEO photo
Marc Hämel ,
Chief Executive Officer
Frédéric Brunet
Frédéric Brunet ,
Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth De Longeaux
Elizabeth De Longeaux ,
Vice-President Human Resources
Denise Johnston
Denise Johnston ,
Vice-President Sales
Dimitri Grasswill
Dimitri Grasswill ,
Vice-President Innovation
Bernhard Rohn
Bernhard Rohn ,
Vice-President Strategy and Marketing
Sebastian Perrier
Sebastian Perrier ,
Chief Operating Officer
Christian Meusinger
Christian Meusinger ,
Vice-President Quality and Regulatory