Our locations

A global footprint

More than a billion Nemera devices are sold every year across 54 countries. Our solutions cover different routes: ophthalmic to address glaucoma and dry eye disease, ENT for allergic rhinitis and breakthrough cancer pain, Parenteral for hormonal disorders such as diabetes and infertility, Dermal for skin indications such as psoriasis, eczema, acnes and hair loss and Inhalation notably to treat asthma and COPD.

La Verpillière, France

A town close to the city of Lyon in southeastern France, La Verpillère is Nemera’s headquarters with a manufacturing plant and a development center. Part of Nemera’s innovation activities and ophthalmics, parenteral and inhalation devices are manufactured at this site. Our own IP product Novelia is manufactured in La Verpillère.

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La Verpilliere site

Le Tréport, France

About 3 hours from Paris, Le Tréport is a small fishing port in the Normandy region in northeastern France. This is our historical site dedicated to the manufacturing of pumps, actuators and valves for the ENT and dermal franchises.

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Le Treport site

Neuenburg, Germany

A town close to Freiburg adjacent to the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany, our facility in Neuenburg supports parenteral, and inhalation products’ manufacturing.

Neuenburg site

Szczecin, Poland

A pleasant harbour city located on the Oder river in northwest Poland, our Szczecin facility focuses on developing and manufacturing injection devices.

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Buffalo Grove, US

A village in Cook and Lake counties in the US state of Illinois, within the northern suburbs of Chicago, Nemera’s Buffalo Grove facility is dedicated to auto-injectors and pre-filled syringes manufacturing.

Buffalo Grove site

Chicago, US

Based in the third largest cityin the United States, our Insight Innovation Center offices have all the technologies and assets to develop your device strategy.

Jaguariúna, Brazil

In the municipality in the state of Sao Paulo, part of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas,  Brazil, our facility in Jaguariúna manufactures our new product range: oral, vaginal and rectal applicators and dosers.

Jaguariuna plant