Contract Development, Consulting & Manufacturing Services

Nemera is your trusted integrated partner for the device and combination product journey.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end services and expertise in front-end innovation, device development, combination product consulting, and contract manufacturing. Our diverse portfolio of products is complemented by this approach, enabling us to provide support at every step of the journey, fully integrated as a single partner or stand-alone to meet your specific needs, regardless of your device development strategy or regulatory pathway. Whether it’s Nemera products, your organic development, or third-party devices, we are here to assist you.

We apply this know-how and our singular focus on healthcare to realize our vision of becoming the most patient-centric drug-device company in close partnership with our customers, ensuring accelerated delivery of your drug to patients.

The Value of Integrated Services

Flexibility to Focus on Your Core

The value of our integrated services lies in the flexibility it offers, allowing you to focus on your core business of drug discovery and development. As your partner and extension of your team, we provide best-in-class solutions for devices and combination products, ensuring no compromises are made when collaborating with us.

Patient Centricity

We deliver highly patient-centric solutions that promote adherence and improve healthcare outcomes across a wide variety of applications.  By prioritizing patient needs during development, we make a significant difference in supporting users throughout the patient journey.

Navigating the Combination Product Ecosystem

We understand that developers must navigate a complex ecosystem to achieve market success. Our services are aligned to help you meet the expectations of various stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, networks, payers, and regulators. We ensure that all these parties are satisfied to ensure your success.

De-risking the process and accelerating market access

Experience matters, and we leverage our end-to-end expertise at every step of the process to consistent execution. By addressing ensure potential challenges and risks, we minimize the likelihood of essential information being lost during each stage of the process. With our agile development process and experience in managing complex user needs and regulatory requirements, we help increase your time to filings and market.