Sustainability: our ESG approach

To be able to give stakeholders a holistic view of a business, it is critical to build bridges across different aspects within a company on solid foundations

Performance, success and growth of a company are no longer defined by financial parameters alone. All these in turn make a company sustainable and resilient and open new opportunities to keep adding value to the society it operates in.


Transformation of the energy mix

Before 2020, Nemera had a significant part of coal- and natural gas-fired electricity in its energy consumption mix, especially at its USA- and Germany-based sites where the share was 50-60%. We have set-up a plan that aims at progressively transforming our electricity profile while fully assuming the additional financial costs:

  • USA: Starting from January 2020, we switched to 100% emission free (nuclear) energy.
  • Germany: Nemera switched to a renewable energy contract starting from January 2021.
  • France: increasing the share of renewables from 12% in 2019 to 50% in 2021 and 100% in 2022.
  • Energy saving initiatives
Sustainability-Environmental engagement

Conscious of the fact that one of the most powerful advantages of GHG-emissions reduction is cutting on energy consumption, Nemera has identified and implemented several actions in this regard:

  • Switching from hydraulic injection molding presses to more energy-efficient electrical or hybrid presses;
  • Replacing traditional lighting by LED solutions;
  • Using advanced materials and technologies when building a new site;
  • Reusing the heat generated by the production processes to heat the site premises.

As a result of this plan, Nemera has been able to cut its direct GHG-emissions threefold between 2018 and 2020 and will be running on 100% emission-free energy starting from January 2022. Our ultimate goal is coming as close as possible to carbon neutrality.


As a responsible actor of the healthcare industry, at Nemera we recognize the importance of ‘giving back’ to the community we operate in. Whether it’s raising awareness of our own employees on worldly, health and safety related issues or supporting organizations and associations that are helping make this world a better place, we are convinced that an effort however small goes a long way. In France, we support four associations through an initiative called ‘microdon’. We also support the organization ‘Sport dans la ville’ whose mission is to integrate young people socially and professionally. We are continuing to grow our efforts across the Nemera sites all over the world.

Sustainability-Social engagement