Cristalia products with Nemera’s reusable pen injector commercialized in Brazil.


Cristalia’s human growth hormone will be administered with CRISPEN®. Approved by ANVISA1, CRISPEN® is part of Nemera’s state-of-the-art pen injector platform PENDURA AD.

The advantages of the pen are several, according to Monique, Cristalia’s Biotechnology Scientific Manager.

“You can instantly feel the quality of our pen injector just by holding it in your hands. Its robust body gives you the stability you need during the application. When you trigger the injection, a little green ball appears indicating that it is complete, and you know you can remove the needle from the injection site. The injection has a constant flow that doesn’t require pressure, making the application smoother”
She said

CRISPEN® is a reusable, spring-assisted device dedicated to the administration of the growth hormone distributed by Cristalia. Based on Nemera’s proprietary PENDURA AD development platform, CRISPEN® facilitates the treatment of patients who have GH deficiency or insufficiency.

The treatment can be prepared only once, in advance and can be refrigerated for up to 28 days. Before injection, a simple turn of the dial is required to choose the desired dose. This ensures administration of the drug without error.

Some of the other features of CRISPEN® device include automatic, spring-assisted drug delivery and lateral positioning of the button. Together, these contribute to highest safety and comfort for patients.

“In the process of design of our pen injectors, safety and ease-of-use for patients play a key role. In PenDura AD platform, which was used to develop Crispen for Cristalia, we applied unique technological solutions such as ergonomic release button, low-force, spring-assisted drug delivery system as well as unambiguous user`s interface, which all were appreciated by patients all over the world. We are proud that sharing our patient-centric approach, Cristalia chose Nemera for the development of the pen for its somatropin”
Said Radoslaw Romanczuk, Pen Platform Business Development Director at Nemera

At Nemera, we design and manufacture devices that maximize treatment efficacy and partner with our customers in the best possible way to ultimately bring high-quality and safe treatment solutions to patients. Our partnership with Cristalia further strengthens our commitment to bringing superior value to customers and patients.

About Human Growth Hormone:

Human Growth Hormone is intended for the long-term treatment of children with, growth disturbance due to insufficient secretion of pituitary growth hormone, growth disturbance associated with gonadal dysgenesis (Turner syndrome) and growth disturbance associated with chronic renal insufficiency.


CRISTÁLIA is a private owned Brazilian biopharmaceutical company, with 51 years of operation and a broad footprint across the main Latin America markets. Currently a leader in anesthetics and critical care products, CRISTALIA supplies more than 95% of Brazilian hospitals and Healthcare services with a broad range of high-quality and affordable products. In addition to the biopharmaceutical business, CRISTÁLIA also ranks between the biggest API manufacturers in Latin America, with state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to the manufacturing of synthetic, oncologic and biotech active ingredients. CRISTÁLIA developed and produces a biosimilar Growth Hormone, which is supplied for all Brazilian market.

About Nemera

As a world-leading drug delivery device solutions provider, our purpose of putting patients first enables us to design and manufacture devices that maximize treatment efficacy.
We are a holistic partner and help our customers succeed in the sprint to market of their combination products. From early device strategy to state-of-the-art manufacturing, we’re committed to the highest quality standards.
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