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In this article, Séverine Duband, Marketing Director, Drug Delivery Devices at Nemera, introduces Symbioze, Nemera’s novel on-body injector platform device, comprising a reusable main unit and disposable prefilled drug container, and offering a balance between the need to deliver advanced formulations at high volumes and the desire for patient-centric ease-of-use that enables patients to self-administer their therapies at home.

Over the last decade – driven by significant innovations in APIs, drug compounds, formulation technologies and manufacturing processes – drug administration has become increasingly complex, with significant changes in pharmacokinetic profiles (viscosity, volumes, physiological properties, stability, etc), and, based on the current outlook, this is an accelerating trend. This rising complexity has generated several challenges from both the perspective of both the drug and the device side.
In parallel, major market trends have emerged,1 such as:

  • Rising prevalence of chronic diseases
  • Shift towards at-home care
  • Growth in the biologics market
  • Connected health technologies
  • Shift towards value-based care

All of which are opening the pathway for a new generation of injectable devices.


Even with the variety of injectable devices already developed and commercialised, it is no easy task to select a suitable solution for the delivery of complex, large-volume drugs that also enables patient self-administration, or at least at-home administration. Whilst there are several easy and ready-to-use offers available for patients to choose from to self-administer their medication,4 these are very often limited in the drug volume that can be injected

A Differentiated Approach in the Wearables’ Landscape

The Symbioze smart wearable platform is Nemera’s latest development in injectable devices, designed to reconcile the injection of complex drugs with stakeholders’ (patients, healthcare provider and payers) most demanding needs. Combining a robust design with ease-of-use, connectivity and sustainability, Symbioze fosters patient adherence by way of a seamless and enhanced injection experience. This innovation is specifically tailored for the administration of complex drugs, such as biologics, by means of a highly engineered, reliable drug delivery system. It is suitable for very large volumes, up to 20 mL and beyond, while preserving formulation integrity – critical for mAbs.

Another major differentiator for Symbioze in today’s landscape is the choice to go with a disposable unit and a reusable system housing the main drive module (Figure 4). The benefits of a reusable part are two-fold:

  • Sustainability: OBDSs usually involve electro-mechanical components, for both injection control and connectivity purposes. Embedding those into a reusable unit offers a more favourable environmental footprint, especially with regard to the device’s waste management profile.
  • Cost efficiency: As it is designed to be used multiple times, using Symbioze is a profitable choice, especially in a value-based care environment that often involves expensive therapies. This is even more beneficial when targeting medications requiring large administration volumes.

The drug product is contained in the disposable part, with the drug container already prefilled and preloaded for patient safety and ready-to-use convenience. An embedded recognition system ensures that drug information verification is shared between the reusable and disposable elements.

As the target of Nemera’s OBDS is to be able to accommodate a wide range of applications, adopting a platform approach was a must. Symbioze is designed with enough flexibility to be adjusted to meet the needs of any pathology, targeted patient population and drug posology. This also enables multiple uses of the device with a portfolio of therapies, leveraging its reusable benefit for pharmaceutical players.

Symbioze offers a unique drug delivery system including following benefits:

  • Adaptable to several drug volumes and viscosities
  • Adjustable injection speed
  • Injection control and failure mode control
  • Fully integrated engine in reusable core system.



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