Our preservative-free ophthalmic device is highlighted in ‘The Pharmaceutical Post’ magazine


Our preservative-free ophthalmic device is highlighted in ‘The Pharmaceutical Post’ magazine

The emergence of new preservative-free formulations in the sector of ophthalmology has reshuffled the cards in a booming market. Packaging manufacturers and pharmaceutical subcontractors are asserting their position.

The number of people suffering from eye diseases is on the increase due to the ageing of the population and the evolution of our lifestyles. If certain preservative-free formulations are the ones driving the market, their filling should be done in a sterile environment, on signe unit-doses or multidose vals featuring technologies that prevent bacterial contamination throughout their use.

“The systematic use of preservatives in ophthalmic products started at the end of the 60s. Their undesirable effects, especially within chronic treatments, such as the ones for glaucoma, started to be finger pointed in the 90s, when the first innovative solutions emerged offering preservative-free products in multidose
vials that guaranteed their non-bacteriological contamination across the entire treatment duration.”,
said Zoe Davidson, Global Category Manager in ophthalmic, Nemera.

Ever since, a large number of studies have demonstrated the incidence of preservative-based treatments on patients suffering from various chronic eye conditions (glaucoma, ocular hypertonia…) and the multiple related symptoms starting from simple allergies or the dry eye syndrome up to more severe diseases (cataract, cystoid macular edema…).

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