Marc Hämel’s insights in MassMEDIC’s annual DDD report


Nemera – an integrated CDMO and Own-IP player

In this report, Alira Health in partnership with MassMEDIC analyzes the rapidly evolving DDD landscape and how industry leaders like Nemera strive to enhance the end-to-end services offering by integrating the pharmaceutical value chain.

How have you seen pharma needs and demands evolve in the DDD industry?
▪ Pharma companies are looking for holistic service providers to refocus on their core business and, therefore, device companies like Nemera invest in technologies and manufacturing capabilities adapted to small- and large-scale manufacturing.
▪ Traditionally, devices targeted a large set of patient populations; however, there is a need for devices targeted to specific needs within smaller patient groups.

What are Nemera’s key differentiating factors to meet this demand ?
▪ The ability to always think of the end user and the purpose of putting patients first really motivates the firm to provide the most effective solutions to its customers and patients.
▪ The size of the company which allows Nemera to be very agile and react quickly to any existing or new customer needs.
▪ The service portfolio around the device journey from early-stage design through to regulatory support and ultimately filling so the customers can concentrate on their core mission of inventing new medicines.

What was the rationale behind the Copernicus acquisition?
▪ Nemera acquired the injection devices manufacturer Copernicus at the end of October. The rationale behind the Copernicus acquisition was three-fold:
• Bolstering the overall proprietary product portfolio and extending the injectable product offering.
• Complementing Nemera’s large-scale manufacturing with Copernicus’ fast and agile small-scale manufacturing.
• Establishing an operations footprint in Eastern Europe in order to build a new state of-the-art manufacturing facility in Szczecin, Poland.

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About Nemera

As a world-leading drug delivery device solutions provider, our purpose of putting patients first enables us to design and manufacture devices that maximize treatment efficacy. We are a holistic partner and help our customers succeed in the sprint to market of their combination products. From early device strategy to state-of-the-art manufacturing, we’re committed to the highest quality standards. Agile and open-minded, we work with our customers as colleagues. Together, we go the extra mile to fulfill our mission. For more information, visit

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