How to use correctly a nasal spray?


Allergic rhinitis is a symptomatic disorder of the nose induced after exposure to allergens via Immunoglobulin-E (IgE)-mediated hypersensitivity reactions. Currently, approximately 10 to 30% of adults and 40% of children are affected with rhinitis.[1]

Knowing that our eyes and nose are the entry of infection, there are a lot of mast cells to protect us, and that causes nearby capillaries to dilate therefore flood the facial tissues with fluid. Due to the fluid excess and hypersensitivity reactions of the immune cells, the nose will become inflamed which leads to symptoms such as frequent sneezing, red itchy swollen eyes, and runny nose or nasal congestion.

Allergic rhinitis is thus mostly seasonal, our body hypersensitivity reaction is triggered when there is a presence of the allergens. The symptoms of such a condition could often be relieved and controlled; a nasal spray containing topical-acting medications, such as corticosteroid, is normally prescribed for patients to treat the affected nasal cavity regions.

According to research, only one patient out of 99 used steroid nasal spray with a completely correct spray technique. Also, the nasal spray technique was taught only to 40% of the patients. As a matter of fact, wrong spray technique and non-compliance can be the reason behind the treatment failure with steroid nasal spray.[2]

Patient compliance and adherence are important to maximize the efficacy of the drug administration. Putting patients first, Nemera collaborated with several ENT specialists to work on the recommendations on the correct steps to use a nasal spray for patient education therapy. These steps are illustrated in the form of an informative video coupled with a descriptive leaflet. By following these steps, users may benefit from the following:

  • optimizing the treatment efficacy
  • avoiding unpleasant taste of the medication in the throat
  • avoiding nose irritation or bleeding

These benefits will lead to better patient compliance and adherence to the therapy, which acts as one of the key success factors of an effective treatment.

Wait no more, check out this educational video and leaflet, and spread the words to your surroundings.

[1] World Allergy Organization (WAO). Pawanker R, Canonica GW, Holgate ST, Lockey RF, Blaiss MS. White Book on Allergy: Update 2013. Milwaukee, WI: World Allergy Organization; 2013

[2] Waqas Jamil, Abdullah Alahwal, Ravinder Suman, et al. Do patients correctly use steroid nose spray? A patient-reported survey of the nasal spray technique and patient compliance. Authorea. September 11, 2020.

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