Ophthalmic electronic device

Our multidose eyedropper Novelia® for preservative-free formulations combined with electronic technology for enhanced patient experience.

Key benefits:

  • Improved monitoring and compliance
  • Improved ergonomy & user friendliness
  • Improved drop control
  • Patient adherence monitoring
  • Reusable add-on

The quality and success of a treatment depend on patients’ adherence.

Today there is still a very poor compliance in administering drops into the eyes. A study of 2012 showed that nearly 9 of 10 glaucoma patients were unable to instill eye drops correctly. This may be an important cause of unintentional noncompliance in glaucoma medical therapy.

This is why, following the growing trend of connected products, we have developed our smart ophthalmic add-on.  e-Novelia® has been conceived to assist patients in administrating their treatments, by offering an increased comfort and usability to their treatments.

This breakthrough technology has been designed to fit with our preservative-free multidose eye dropper Novelia®, but could be adapted to other products.

e-Novelia® smart ophthalmic add-on features

Example of unmet needs identified for a glaucoma patient