Novelia® is a multi-dose closing tip system which avoids the need for preservatives in the drug
and prevents bacterial contamination over the duration of treatment.


  • Patented blue tip for better precision when targeting the eye
  • 3 flow control options to accommodate highly liquid to highly viscous formulations (1 to 1500 cP)
  • 5 drop sizes (28µl to 46µl range)
  • Large range of bottles (5ml to 15ml) and BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) in white and transparent
  • Removes need to add preservatives to the formulation, respects the ocular surface
  • 100% controlled and safe thanks to its one-way valve and patented PureFlow® Technology
  • User-friendly and intuitive, preferred by 76% patients
  • Calibrated drops means precise dosing for a better adherence to treatment
  • Functional with suspensions, emulsions and solutions up to high viscosities
Novelia preservative-free multidose eyedropper range