Smart wearables to improve patients’ life

Symbioze smart wearable platform is an innovative, large-volume on-body injector to foster patient’s adherence. It offers a great combination between design robustness, ease of use, connectivity, and sustainability, for a seamless and enhanced injection experience.



  • – Consists of drug-containing disposable element and reusable, rechargeable onboard electronic modules
  • – Locking system for safe assembly and disassembly of reusable and disposable parts
  • – Prefilled and preloaded drug cartridge for patient’s safety
  • – Automatic soft canula insertion via needle safety system with hidden needle throughout the injection
  • – Innovative fluid path to maintain sterility from manufacturing to device use
  • – Provides customization flexibility for adjustments to any pathology, targeted patient population and drug posology
  • – Can accommodate various drug volumes especially large-volume administration (20ml)
  • – Drug recognition and verification via NFC communication
  • – Bluetooth built-in communication offers connectivity option


  • – Reusable electromechanical part with disposable drug-containing module
  • – Reduced number of use steps
  • – Provides live injection monitoring, audio-visual feedback, and failure mode control
  • – Enhanced treatment management with a broad range of connectivity features: treatment information, historical trending, infusion status, compliance…
  • – Easy pairing between device manager application with the core system
  • – Enables large volume injection, with adjustable parameters (i.e: flowrate, viscosities, dose volume…)
  • – Specifically tailored for biologics to preserve formulation integrity
  • – Compatible with standard cartridges, filling and manufacturing processes