Offering a smart and sustainable on-body injector for chronically ill patients


Nemera and our expert Cécile Gross are proud to be an exclusive sponsor of the latest issue ‘Wearable Injectors’ of ‘On Drug Delivery’ – September 2022.

In this article, Cécile Gross, Global Category Manager, Parenterals, discusses the unmet drug delivery needs in chronic diseases, and details how Nemera’s answer – the Symbioze® on-body injector – fulfils these needs.

When talking about chronic conditions and long-time treatments, diabetes frequently emerges as the first topic of conversation. This is unsurprising as it has been prevalent in medical discussions since the first insulin injection to a human being, which was administered a century ago. However, diabetes is not the only chronic disease that inflicts a cumbersome daily burden on patients’ lives. On the drug development side, much progress has been made, with new medicines enabling a broader range of pathologies to be addressed with biologics, while on the delivery side, technical innovations and patient awareness have led to an increased variety of well-accepted devices.

The idea to offer a smart, sustainable on-body injector to chronically ill patients stems from the unmet need to simultaneously address the challenges of biologics, self-administration, connectivity and sustainability in a single device. The need for high volume delivery and the limitations of current injectable drug delivery devices have already been stated in previous articles. Combined, these factors naturally lead to on-body injectors as the solution. They are ideal for the administration of biologics in general, and more specifically for the drugs used in therapeutic areas such as oncology, immunology, haematology, neurology and immuno-oncology.

Needless to say, implementing a platform strategy for a high-volume on-body injector has enabled Nemera to leverage baseline knowledge and generated data throughout the development process. This platform can be tailored to a specific combination product to meet pharma customers’ needs.
Symbioze®’s near field communication connectivity feature provides reassurance for both users and pharma companies regarding the administration of the prescribed drug. The transparent window enables a clear visibility of the drug and its container prior to the injection, of the injection progress during the injection and of injection completion once the full dose is administered.

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