Sof’Bag | Dermal Drug Delivery


The airless solution for your sensitive formulations


  • Airless pouch-in-bottle technology allows the formulation to be dispensed out of a collapsing pouch encased inside a rigid bottle upon pump actuation
  • Technology compatible with dermal and transdermal application
  • Suitable for solutions, lotions, gels and creams, and even the most sensitive formulations
  • Documentation available for pharmaceutical products and medical devices registrations
  • Sof’Bag is already used for hormonal, pain-relief, dry skin and hair loss treatments


  • Provide a strong protection of the formulation against oxygen, light and moisture thanks to the aluminum pouch layer
  • Can be used in any position (360˚ formulation dispensing)
  • Very high evacuation rate (>95%): almost no formulation waste
  • Works with a wide range of viscosities, even with highly viscous formulations
  • Formulation delivery is so precise that Sof'Bag can be registered as a « metered dose system»
SofBag range
Filling support provided :
  • Manual filling kit available for initial trials
  • Filling partner for technical assessment or preliminary stability
  • Support for automated process implementation

Airless pouch-in-bottle technology for dermal and transdermal delivery adapted to liquid and highly viscous formulations.