The Gender Equality Index at Nemera – Year 2021


L’Index, se calcule à partir de 4 à 5 indicateurs selon que l’entreprise fait moins ou plus de 250 salariés et prend en compte :

  • L’écart de rémunération femmes-hommes,
  • L’écart d’augmentations individuelles,
  • L’écart de promotions (uniquement dans les entreprises de plus de 250 salariés),
  • Le nombre de salariées augmentées à leur retour de congé de maternité,
  • La parité parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations.

The Index, is calculated from 4 to 5 indicators depending on whether the company has less or more than 250 employees and takes into account:

  •  The gender pay gap,
  •  The spread of individual increases,
  •  The difference in the distribution of promotions (only in companies with more than 250 employees),
  •  The number of employees increased upon their return from maternity leave,
  •  Parity among the 10 highest remunerations.


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As a world-leading drug delivery device solutions provider, our purpose of putting patients first enables us to design and manufacture devices that maximize treatment efficacy. We are a holistic partner and help our customers succeed in the sprint to market of their combination products. From early device strategy to state-of-the-art manufacturing, we’re committed to the highest quality standards. Agile and open-minded, we work with our customers as colleagues. Together, we go the extra mile to fulfill our mission.

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