Reinforcing Diversity & Inclusion and ESG strategies!


At Nemera, we’re committed to fostering a work environment that values and celebrates difference, is fair & equitable and enriched by openness, curiosity and accountability. Whilst doing this, we’re also doing what it takes to protect the world we share.

It is critical to partner with local organizations to ensure everyone in our society has an equal chance to benefit from work opportunities and succeed professionally. With this in mind, in partnership with the State & Métropole de Lyon, we signed ‘La charte des 1000 entreprises pour l’insertion et l’emploi’. By signing this charter, we committed to:

  • Welcoming young graduates & individuals from underprivileged areas to Nemera to gain work experience
  • Participating in job forums in and around Lyon to promote our jobs
  • Partnering with organizations working on handicap
  • Mentoring and coaching to individuals looking for jobs
  • Raising awareness of different types of expertise at Nemera
  • Improving HR practices within and outside Nemera and acting as an ambassador for the cause

By signing this charter, Nemera has made a concrete commitment to work with our partners at the Metropole of Lyon and Maison de l’Insertion et de l’Emploi to promote equal chance to all to benefit from our work opportunities.

said Elizabeth de Longeaux, VP Global Human Resources.

On the same day, we also signed ‘Manifeste pour une industrie qui se transforme et s’engage pour l’environnement’. This charter lays out 5 commitments around our actions and their impact on the environment. This includes reducing our energy footprint, optimizing natural resources consumption and raising awareness around these pressing issues in and around the community.

With these commitments we reinforce our overall Diversity & Inclusion as well as ESG strategies.

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