The pivotal role played by device developers to improve patient eye care


article ophthalmic april 2021

Novelia, our preservative-free multidose eye dropper, that addresses the challenges of patients suffering from glaucoma & dry eye diseases.

Our ophthalmic experts discuss the challenges glaucoma and dry eye patients face with eye drop administration and present the Novelia® system featuring patented PureFlow® technology, which controls the medication flow.

Dry eye disease is among the most common diseases in ophthalmology, with a prevalence of between 5% and 34%. Studies from specialist centres have found higher prevalence of up to 57%. Dry eye leads to more frequent patient-doctor contact than glaucoma.
Glaucoma is a chronic, progressive optic neuropathy and a leading cause of blindness. In 2020, it was estimated that approximately 80 million people have glaucomaworldwide, and this number is expected to increase to over 111 million by 2040. An increase in teleworking as a result of covid-19 has been a contributing factor to an increase in “digital eye strain”.

During the study, patients commonly cited two key challenges relating to eye drop administration, the first of which being lack of control. Another challenge cited by patients was the uncertainty around remaining drops.

Novelia’s patented PureFlow® technology not only serves as a venting system but also controls the medication flow. Nemera has adapted the flow control within Novelia® that avoids multiple drop delivery into the eye and ensures that only one calibrated drop is dispensed at a time.
Nemera offers three different PureFlow® versions, each tailored to formulations of differing viscosities, from highly liquid to highly viscous. In addition, five different valve sizes are available, each one delivering a different calibrated drop size. This allows Nemera to customise the drop size
depending on specific product requirements. This improved control leads to increased patient confidence (of accurate dosing), and reduced frustration and medication waste.

To serve customers in supporting patient needs, Nemera has recently extended its manufacturing capabilities and, in doing so, has doubled its capacity to produce the Novelia® preservative-free multidose eyedropper.


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