An increasingly complex landscape for combination products


The complexities involved in selecting or developing the correct device for a combination product have never been more challenging. A convergence of trends, including signifi cant growth in the global drugdevelopment pipeline, the need for more complex delivery devices to address targeted applications and drug attributes, and increased migration of care from clinical to self-administration in home settings have driven demand for a wide range of solutions.

Pharma companies are under increased pressure to driven patient centricity, increase speed to market, reduce their risk, and create value for patients and other stakeholders across the landscape. Beyond the patient, this includes an ecosystem of stakeholders including providers, namely healthcare professionals, but also health systems; payers, to consider factors such as value-based care; and regulators, as the market for product introduction and the intended fi ling approach can impact device selection and development strategies.

Integrating the voice of the patient into development

We believe at the earliest stages of establishing the functional requirements and user needs for a new device application, it is critical to fully understand the patient journey as well any related clinical processes.

Our team of design research utilises a method called applied ethnography to achieve this goal. This relies on interviews and in-context observations of practices, processes and experiences within the patient’s home or use environment. Potential use cases are looked at broadly beyond the administration event or complying with instructions for use. This starts from when a patient is diagnosed, to receiving their device, through the entire process of preparing, administering, and disposal and the times in between treatment to understand how the process changes over time and how frequency of administration may impact the patient experience.

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