Addressing systemic delivery with a unit-dose nasal spray


In this article, Audrey Chandra, Category Project Manager, and Raphaële Audibert, Global Category Manager, Ear, Nose and Throat, both at Nemera, discuss the benefits of a unit-dose nasal spray for rapid treatment in an emergency.

Systemic-acting drugs are commonly administered through the injectable route. Rapid onset tends to make injection the most efficient route, especially in crises and life-threatening situations. Injections are invasive so normally require healthcare professionals’ intervention. For instance, intravenous self-administration could be trickier to handle for novice users in a home setting.

Other delivery alternatives for systemic treatments, and especially nasal administration, are further explored to offer less-invasive treatment, providing the same efficacy. The complex nose anatomy offers various advantages. It avoids the first-pass metabolism, which therefore improves bioavailability. In addition, nasal devices are needle free, enabling easier self-administration, which increases the patient acceptance level. This leads to positive therapy outcomes as adherence and compliance of patients can be improved.

It is incumbent on pharma companies to ensure their selected device, in combination with their drug, is appropriate, safe and effective for the targeted population. Nemera works with customers to provide technical support, laboratory testing, human factors and patient experience activities necessary for a successful drug-device combination product development process. This also extends to, wherever possible, optimising the patient experience to create competitive differentiation and to ensure adherence and engagement with patients and clinical stakeholders.

Nemera’s UniSpray delivers a single-metered 100 µL dose spray and can be used for new, repurposed or generic drugs. UniSpray has gone through different human factors studies, design verification and processes to ensure reliability and robustness of the device, assuring patients’ safety and ease of use, and complying with the regulatory exigence with no risk of accidental activation.
This one-shot nasal spray is a ready-to-use primeless device with 360° functionality, enabling one-handed activation in an emergency. To ensure the correct use of the device, it offers an ergonomic design and intuitive usage.



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