A differentiated approach in the wearables’ landscape to tackle high volume administration challenges


Over the last decade, driven by significant innovations in APIs, drug compounds, formulation and manufacturing processes, drug administration has become increasingly complex, with significant changes in pharmacokinetic profiles (viscosity, volumes, physiological properties, stability….) – and this trend is accelerating.

Within this moving environment, a recurring issue generating needs for innovation in drug delivery systems is the increasing drug volume required for each administration. Whereas the gold standard of self-administration used to be the 1 to 3ml space, more and more treatments now require large volumes i.e >5ml injection, even going in the very large volume space ie > 20ml.
This is mainly driven by various reasons.

With a growing number of patients seeking independence and convenience in managing their treatment, the push for self-administration is getting inevitably stronger. Finally, the frequent use of self-injection devices, combined with “smart” connected devices adoption, is adding a layer of complexity and raising growing concerns around environmental impact. The majority of marketed connected devices today being fully disposable, electronic waste management and device disposal are creating safety and sustainability issues for the industry.

Even with the variety of injectable devices already developed and commercialized, it is no easy task to select a suitable solution for the delivery of large volume, complex drugs, that would also enable self or at least home-administration.

In short, even current wearable devices options are creating hurdles both for patients (risk of use errors with drug container manipulation, complexity limiting adherence hence treatment efficacy) and for pharmaceutical companies (complex manufacturing processes, sustainable footprint) which could limit the adoption of such devices. Nemera has been striving to find ways to answer these needs and has recently developed an innovative solution to reconcile large volumes injection with self-administration in user-friendly and sustainable platform.

Symbioze smart wearable platform is Nemera’s latest development in injectable devices, designed to reconcile complex drugs injection with stakeholders (patients, HCP or payers) most demanding needs. A great combination between design robustness, ease-of-use, connectivity,and sustainability, Symbioze fosters patient adherence as a result of a seamless and enhanced injection experience.
This innovation is specifically tailored to administer complex drugs, such as biologic therapies, thanks to a highly engineered, reliable drug delivery system. It is suitable for large volumes such as 20ml and beyond, while preserving the formulation integrity – which iscritical especially for monoclonal antibodies.

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