Our People and Culture

By operating with values and integrity we fulfill our purpose of putting patients first and bringing them the products they need.

  • We are proud to make products that improve patients’ lives
  • We truly enjoy working as a team
  • We are passionate about growing our business
  • We go to the extra mile to deliver on our commitments

Furthermore, we are committed to fostering a work environment that values and celebrates difference, is fair and equitable, and is enriched by openness, curiosity and accountability. We are convinced that a diverse and inclusive workplace directly contributes to our ability as a global company to solve problems, innovate, achieve good business outcomes and therefore positively impact patients’ lives. Our over 2,500 talented and dedicated people across the world stand by the credo ‘when everyone is included, Nemera wins.’

Our gender diversity initiatives:

In 2017, gender diversity was identified as an issue at Nemera as only 15% of Nemera’s leadership hires were women. Since then, the topic has been a subject of focus for the management team tackled at the global level.

We have defined ambitious 2022 Global Gender Balance aspirations that include the following targets:

  • Company-wide (covering every single site and every single role) gender pay review with an external firm every two years
  • 50% of women in leadership roles hires
  • 35% women in leadership roles
  • 50% of women in talent program
  • Equal female and male talent retainment rates
  • Equal female and male employee engagement scores

“Nemera’s key success factor in achieving our aspirations lays in making sure our senior leaders and managers are champions of gender diversity. Relevant data gathering and reporting is also a critical element that goes well beyond diversity by allowing for holistic visibility over our human resources.”

Elizabeth de Longeaux, Head of Human Resources