Pen injector platforms

Four pen injector platforms designed for various therapies and applications

With 4 platforms, we offer pen injectors designed to meet key user needs, compatible with any drug in a cartridge container.

Our pen injector platforms to answer key user needs

AdvaPen, an insulin pen injector -Parenteral drug delivery devices-grey

Reusable pens

Our reusable pens ensure the application of proven technological solutions with reliability, intuitiveness as well as ease-of-use.

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Disposable pens-Product card-Injectable-Parenteral drug delivery devices

Disposable pens

Our portfolio of disposable pens includes variable and fixed dose devices for automatic and manual drug administration, combining modern design with high intuitiveness of use for multidose therapies

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Tailor made pens and autoinjectors - Parenteral drug delivery devices

Tailor-made pens and autoinjectors

Proven track record in managing parenteral customized solution and large scale industrialization projects of Autoinjectors and Pens with top pharmaceutical companies

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