Implanters: Solutions for sustained released formulations

Implants are fragile and insertion into the body requires caution. Nemera developed a portfolio of devices to deliver implants with integrated needlestick protection

Safety implant depot device

Implanters injection device

Safety depot syringe with telescopic plunger rod

  • Suitable for different implant sizes
  • Can accommodate multiple and soft implants

Key benefits

  • Implants easily loaded
  • Integrated safety feature

Safety implant depot device

implanters parenteral injectors

Safety retro injector for soft implants

  • Little effort and pressure applied on implant
  • As soon as device is actuated, implants are delivered, and safety feature automatically activates​

Key benefits

  • Retro-injection feature allows deposit of implant at defined depth with multiple implants separated one from the other
  • Implants transferred without risk of breakage: the needle makes the cavity = no stress on the implants during needle traction