Autoinjectors and Insulin pens

Autoinjectors and pens

Proven track record in managing parenteral customized solution and large scale industrialization projects of Autoinjectors and Pens with top pharmaceutical companies

Over 10 years of experience in co-development and design for manufacturing of autoinjectors and pens for different application fields

Production insulin pens plant

Autoinjectors and pens manufactured by Nemera treat patients with diabetes, hormonal disorders, immune disorders, and support treating emergency situations

Production insulin pens & autoinjectors plant
Patient woman diabetes

Over 1 million patients use autoinjectors (1 and 2,25 mL) manufactured by Nemera every week

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Over 5 millions diabetics rely every day on devices manufactured by Nemera

Self-administration at home is becoming increasingly common for parenteral drugs, leading to needlestick injuries becoming a growing patient safety concern.
Self-administration at home therefore translates into a need for safer, easy-to-use and ergonomic devices. Having patients (or caregivers who are not healthcare professionals) injecting a drug means increased risks of use errors and needlestick injuries. Protecting users from sharps injuries, whilst optimising the injection experience, has become a must.