CUPIDO (Cardio Ultraefficient nanoParticles for Inhalation of Drug prOduct)

The nano-revolution reaches the heart: the EU-funded project Cupido will foster the translation of nanomedical applications toward the cardiac field.

Nemera is proud to contribute to the EU-funded project Cupido, started in February 2017

The EU-funded project CUPIDO  proposes an innovative solution: the application of nanotechnologies to the cardiovascular field.

Cupido aims to hit the core of the cardiovascular disease, developing inhalable nanoparticles that can deliver a therapy directly to the diseased heart.

The EU-based consortium, composed of 6 academic research groups, 5 SMEs, 2 industries, and 1 pharmaceutical company, gathers a vast array of expertise and joins cutting-edge research with pre-clinical experience and industrial manufacturing.

The role of Nemera in this consortium is to develop the inhaler that administers the nanoparticules to the diseased heart.


Cupido: Breathe to Heart

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