SPRAY LOCK – Child-proof spray system for oral and nasal sprays

SPRAY LOCK™: Child-resistant spray system for oral and nasal sprays

Spray pump devices with child-resistant container/ closure system

In collaboration with Roy LeClair, we are happy to announce the launch of its new child resistant spray system for oral and nasal sprays.


  • Wide range of dose volumes: 50 μl to 200 μl
  • Actuators for nasal and oral spray delivery
  • Neck finish: snap-on and crimp-on 20mm
  • 15 to 30ml HDPE containers
  • Full overcap (white or natural) with child-resistant features


  • Patented child-proof package compliant to 16 CFR 1700.20
  • Other materials for container upon request
  • Customization possibility with different cap colors
  • Ergonomic and contemporary design
  • Compact size for transport
Child resistant solutions for nasal and oral sprays

Article “The very promising nasal route"

'The Pharmaceutical Post' magazine - Jan 2020