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Insight Innovation Center

Developing safe, effective, and differentiated combination products

With locations in the United States and Europe, our team of 200 innovation and device development consultants have the capabilities and experience critical to your company’s success.
With insight into patients, the healthcare landscape, and technology innovation our team partners with you to stay ahead of the market. From design research to full development of innovative device solutions, we help you drive better healthcare outcomes for your patients.

Our capabilities include:

Design Research: understanding stakeholders and contexts of use

With an insight into both patient and clinical stakeholder behaviors and expectations, we proactively identify and define user needs, leveraging our prioritization of understanding the patient journey. Research outputs are translated into design requirements and actionable findings – from new opportunities, to concept recommendations and refinements.



Design Research- Insight Innovation Center capabilities-Services

Human factors: optimizing usability, meeting regulatory requirements, and reducing risk

Guided by the most current FDA and ISO usability standards, our team of human factors engineers perform expert reviews, conduct risk analyses, design and plan research protocols and conduct Formative and Summative Evaluations. Additionally, our HF team works closely with design to ensure that human factors principles are fully integrated into the development process.

Human Fcators-Insight Innovation Center Capabilities-Services

User-centered design: designing innovative solutions and experiences that support the patient journey

We innovate user-centered physical and digital concepts that demonstrate opportunities identified in user research and inspired by stakeholder input.
Design concepts are developed to accommodate our target users’ cognitive and physical capabilities, ultimately ensuring solutions that are safe, effective and provide exceptional user experiences.

User Experience Design-Insight Capabilities-Services

Engineering and prototyping: designing, building, testing and optimizing systems to meet user and performance requirements

Our engineers leverage and adapt technologies to enable user experiences. Risk is mitigated early, by developing, prototyping and evaluating core to function engineering into critical subsystems. System solutions are then engineered under design controls, each driven by design inputs and specifications. Throughout development, manufacturing is consulted to create a seamless transition into industrialization.

Prototyping-Insight Innovation Center capabilities-Services

Verification: extensive laboratory and analytic services

The Insight innovation center provides extensive lab services including metrology, material sciences, testing with active ingredients and CT scanning capabilities. We also have capabilities in device characterization, evaluation and analysis during both the development and design verification stages. As an added benefit, regulatory support and consulting is available throughout the entire development cycle as required.

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Insight Innovation Center

Nemera’s innovation hub with development centres in Lyon, France and Chicago, North America, at Insight Innovation Center our experts and engineers work on design research, human factors & usability, user-experience, engineering and prototyping and lab testing & verification for contract manufacturing as well as our own IP products.

Insight Innovation Center

Nemera Innovation labs

With a deep understanding of what it takes to translate technology into commercial success, we partner with top healthcare entrepreneurs and leading university technology transfer programs to help drive innovation and business growth, fuel the momentum of Chicago’s health tech startup ecosystem, and improve people’s lives.
From early IP and product concept to the technology scaling and manufacturing phase – we help our member companies close the gap between core technologies and commercializable solutions by leveraging more than 20 years of experience in medical device technology innovation, and bringing one of the most experienced development teams in the world to bear on each project.


Our academic and scientific partnerships

We believe innovation truly thrives when industry and academic experts come together and leverage each other’s knowledge to advance science. With this in mind, we have built and nurtured relationships with academic organizations, universities, scientific bodies as well as key opinion leaders.

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