NEMERA Code of Conduct for Suppliers

NEMERA is committed to conducting its business in an ethical way in compliance with applicable law. This Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the standards which NEMERA expects its suppliers to adhere to. This Code of Conduct covers current or prospective suppliers, consultants, distributors, agents or any other parties who provide goods or services to NEMERA. Suppliers’ performance on human rights, health and safety, environment and anti-corruption forms a key part of our decisions about the suppliers we use.

NEMERA expects its suppliers to apply the following standards:

Health & Safety

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment and take steps to prevent death or injuries
  • Provide regular health and safety worker training and operate a system to detect threats to health and safety
  • Provide workers with access to bathrooms and potable water

Human Rights

  • Not to employ workers under the legal minimum age for admission to work and to operate inaccordance with ILO conventions on the minimum age for admission to employment and to ensurethe remediation of any child found to be working
  • Not to make any use of forced labor, including prison or debt-bondage labor and not to require the lodging or deposits or identity papers, either by operating companies or outside recruiters
  • Permit workers’ freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • Not to discriminate against any person based on race, caste, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexualorientation, union or political affiliation or age
  • Not to tolerate sexual or racial harassment or bullying
  • Not to employ or allow any form of corporal punishment, physical coercion or verbal abuse
  • Ensure wages paid for standard working hours meet local legally-mandated minimum wage levels andare also sufficient to meet the basic needs of workers and their families
  • Comply with standards on working hours, rest days and holidays as set out in the relevant ILO conventions regarding working hours


  • Carry out operations with care for the environment and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations


  • NEMERA has a zero tolerance of bribery. Suppliers must not pay any bribes, kickbacks or give anything of value to secure business with NEMERA. NEMERA employees and their family members may not accept any gift, entertainment, transportation, sponsorship, charitable donation or other benefit which might be intended or perceived as an attempt to improperly influence the business relationship between NEMERA and any current or prospective supplier
  • Suppliers must not pay any bribes, kickbacks or give anything of value to obtain an improper business advantage either on behalf of NEMERA or in connection with any transaction as a supplier to NEMERA.
  • Suppliers should neither employ nor otherwise make payments to any employee of NEMERA during or in connection with any agreement or transaction with NEMERA. If a supplier employee or agent is a close family member (defined as spouse (or same or opposite sex domestic partner), child, parent, or sibling) to an employee of NEMERA, or if a supplier otherwise has knowledge of any other relationship with an employee of NEMERA that might represent a conflict of interest, the supplier should disclose this fact to NEMERA.

Audit and Reporting

  • Be prepared to demonstrate compliance with the standards set out in this Code of Conduct and provide NEMERA, or its representatives, with any information reasonable requested to confirm compliance
  • Allow NEMERA, or its representatives, access to any of Supplier’s places of business to carry out an audit for the purpose of investigating its compliance with this Code of Conduct
  • This Code of Conduct provides general requirements applicable to all suppliers of NEMERA. Additional requirements may also apply as provided in separate agreement.
  • Suppliers who believe that an employee or agent of NEMERA has engaged in illegal or otherwise improper conduct, should report the matter to the appropriate individual or department at NEMERA.


  • Suppliers should protect the confidential information of NEMERA. Suppliers should not share any confidential information of NEMERA unless authorized to do so by NEMERA