Drug device combination support: from idea to manufacturing – Parenteral

Combination product support for parenteral devices: from idea to manufacturing

Nemera leverages decades of manufacturing and development experience in the parenteral device segment to offer patients premium products and customers a complete combination product service, starting from front-end innovation to strong late-stage development capabilities as well as clinical and commercial manufacturing capacity.

In designing a drug delivery device, it is critical to consider the device failure and use-related hazards to ensure the product is safe to use and fits patients’ needs. Through good design, patients are empowered with intuitive, easy-to-use, ergonomic and reliable drug delivery devices.
Nemera understands the key milestones of the patients’ journey through design research, human factors and usability and design engineering. 

With the support of Nemera’s Insight Innovation Center, Nemera is able to drive an idea from concept all the way to high scale manufacturing.

User-driven strategy

Design research, human factors, and user experience studies


Full development of a new parenteral device


Development of a parenteral device concept designed by customer


Pilot phase of a parenteral device developed by customer

Large scale manufacturing

Industralization and manufacturing of a parenteral device already developed

Nemera’s business model includes: full proprietary product development, customer IP products manufacturing and customized solutions.
This model gives flexibility to customers, being able to enter in the development and manufacturing process at any stage.
Depending on their needs, pharmaceutical companies can leverage Nemera’s know-how and expertise to develop customized solutions based on either customers’ or Nemera’s intellectual property.
Whether they are Nemera proprietary or customer owned, they benefit from the utmost care because we know how critical they are for patients’ health.