Seen in the press : Prefilled Syringes magazine features Safe’n’Sound®


Seen in the press : Prefilled Syringes Magazine features Safe’n’Sound®

The recently published Prefilled Syringes Magazine no 52 shows our Safe’n’Sound® design for front cover and a special focus on pages 32-33.

In the parenteral industry, needlestick injuries are a global concern. According to World Health Organization, over 3 million exposures to blood occur every year, resulting in health, psychological and cost issues.
Nemera has developed Safe’n’Sound®, a fully passive safety device for prefi lled syringes to aid in the protection of healthcare professionals, patients who self-inject doctor prescribed medications, and individuals that assist self-injecting patients, from accidental needlesticks.

Prefilled syringes - 82 2014

Discover our Safe’n’Sound here®.

Go to the public link: for a full version of the issue.

For more information on our Safe’n’Sound® and parenteral expertise, meet us at PDA in Huntingdon Beach, California on October 6-7, booth 515.

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