Seen in the press: Nemera’s article featured in November ‘Pulmonary and Nasal delivery’


‘Pulmonary and Nasal delivery’ magazine features Nemera’s article about a new concept, to deliver to the nose using a pMDI.

The recently published ‘Pulmonary and Nasal delivery’ magazine includes an article from Nemera:  “Nasal drug delivery via the oral route using a pMDI”.

In this article, Laurent Vecellio, PhD, research engineer in the Research Centre for Respiratory Diseases (CEPR) at the University of Tours, France and Scientific Director at Nemera, Déborah Le Pennec, Technician, in the Research Centre for Respiratory Diseases (CEPR) at the University of Tours, France, and Alain Regard, Technology Product Manager, Nemera, discuss a study Nemera has funded into the retronose concept, using a pMDI to deliver to the nasal cavity via the oral route during exhalation through the nose.

The “retronose” concept has been proposed as a means to reduce variability and improve drug deposition in specific nasal zones, consisting of drug administration through the buccal cavity during the nasal expiratory phase.

The concept of nasal drug delivery via the oral route using a pMDI in an upper airways model has been demonstrated in vitro, with promising results.

This nasal drug delivery system could be of interest for both local and systemic drug delivery, and for the delivery of vaccines.

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