Nemera in the press: article “Navigating the nose” about nasal delivery in The Medicine Maker

Nemera in the press: article “Navigating the nose” about nasal delivery in The Medicine Maker

Seen in the press: focus on nasal delivery in “The Medicine Maker”

In this issue of The Medicine Maker, Nemera partners with the University of Tours to investigate a new nasal delivery method and Alain Regard explains us how the nose is not just an anatomical region for locally-acting drugs – but also an open door offering rapid access to different organs.

New nasal delivery-the Madicine Maker

In this article, Alain Regard, Nemera’s Technology Product Manager, explains how a new nasal delivery method finally could get drugs to the central nervous system, following some studies realized within a collaboration between Nemera and the University of Tours (France).

“The University has patented its new method of delivering drugs to the nasal cavity and was looking for a partner to co-develop a disposable delivery device. The University will be focusing on experimental testing, mainly consisting of in-vitro deposition studies, and we will be working on the device and testing materials,” says Alain Regard.

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