Seen in the press: Nemera’s article featured in ‘Respiratory Medicine’


“Respiratory Medicine” magazine published an article about Nemera on Real-life inhaler adherence and technique.

The recently published “Respiratory Medicine” magazine includes an article from Nemera:  “Real-life inhaler adherence and technique: Time to get smarter!”.

This article points out the fact that real-life inhaler adherence and technique continue to be a problem. Smart inhalers could be a solution and this article shows the potential healthcare benefits.


You can have the first introduction by reading the abstract of the article:

“Smart inhalers, connected to smartphones, can provide real-life objective information about the patterns of a patient’s adherence and their inhaler technique during routine use. The e-modules contain the battery and measuring sensors. Many of these are add-on modules attached externally whilst others are integrated inside the inhaler. Smart inhalers that identify a dose has either been actuated or prepared do not confirm the dose was inhaled but they can send missed dose reminders and clinical studies have highlighted their potential to improve adherence and outcomes. The e-modules that measure an inhalation profile confirm a dose has been inhaled together with providing useful information about the inhaler technique. Studies confirm that the sensors are accurate and confirm their usefulness to provide information about real-life inhaler use. Add-on e-modules are generic whereas integrated smart inhalers can be approved containing active agents and, therefore, prescribed and instructed under healthcare guidance. Real-life studies need to be carried out to demonstrate their potential to improve disease control and prevent exacerbations to justifying their increased cost.”

To learn more about this study, you can read the full article. 

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