Press Release : NEMERA and NOVO NORDISK laid the foundation stone for a new manufacturing Hall

Press Release : NEMERA and NOVO NORDISK laid the foundation stone for a new manufacturing Hall

Nemera and Novo Nordisk laid the foundation stone for a new manufacturing Hall

In the presence of numerous guests, the new project partners NEMERA and NOVO NORDISK laid the foundation stone for a new manufacturing Hall.

Marc HÄMEL, NEMERA’s CEO and Morten Keller CASPERSEN, NOVO NORDISK’s Corporate Vice Président, laid the foundation stone for the new “Hall 6 manufacturing” building of Nemera La Verpillière.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Patrick MARGIER, La Verpillière Mayor and Vice-President of CAPI (Economic regional pole), Yannick NEUDER, Vice-Président of Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, Jean Pierre GIRARD, first Vice-Président of Nord Isère Chamber of Commerce, Aurélie VERNAY, Damien MICHALET, Counsellors of Isère Department Canton and several other local elected officials and stakeholders.

This is the result of a new collaboration between NEMERA and NOVO NORDISK, a Danish health company, the world leader in diabetes care.

Marc Haëmel, Nemera’s CEO, is very proud of this achievement: We are very proud of this new collaboration with Novo Nordisk. We share the same values and the same goal, to improve patients’ lives, providing easy and safe drug delivery devices.
We leverage decades of manufacturing and development experience in the parenteral device segment and I hope that this first stone is only the beginning of a long way together

Speaking on the occasion, Morten Keller CASPERSEN, Corporate Vice-Président Novo Nordisk said: “We chose Nemera for many good reasons:  impressive manufacturing skills, R&D skills and experience in products development and manufacturing. In general, we got the impression that Nemera thinks and acts like us – being open and honest, transparent in what you do, and operating straight forward processes with out too much complexity.
Even though the project is still in the early stages, Nemera has already shown its execution capabilities: the first batches were received with approx. 6 months lead time! So, it is very good start for what I expect will become a long and fruitful collaboration between our two companies, and I am happy to take part in this very concrete manifestation of our agreement that this ceremony represents.”

This project is funded by Nemera and Novo Nordisk.

The building will meet environmental standards.

The event taking place on the first day of spring, a maple was also planted, to symbolize the commitment of both companies in sustainable development.


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