Product Lifecycle Management

Extending the value of your assets

Once we introduce your product in the market it is critical to manage emerging conditions in order to help you remain competitive. This includes managing the regulatory landscape, changes in patient or clinical stakeholder needs and expectations, as well as other external factors need to be continually managed.  We have the capabilities to support you in all post-launch activities to address these challenges.

We utilize a proven and rigorous approach to define and implement the ideal process and industrial approach for your product based on our long-standing experience across device categories. This ensures that control, quality, safety, and effectiveness are integrated into your eventual commercial manufacturing.

Extending the Life of Current Device Platforms

Planning for the future

We see our handling of the life-cycle management of your product as an important part of our ongoing relationship. We will work with you to develop a post-launch roadmap to get a clear overview of all post-launch activities. The roadmap will always reflect the product you have released but will continually focus on how to improve quality and lower the cost as well as adding utility well beyond maintaining the viability of your production assets.

planning for the future

Next Generation Device Development

Refreshing your device strategy

Market and regulatory conditions may change after launch and it is necessary to consider design refinements will improve the quality of your product, either by altering the existing design we can be consulted to help you make the best decisions for your assets and intiatiate activities to improve upon your existing product or extend a device into a platform for multiple drug products.


going further on the device strategy

Integrating Connectivity

Enhancing patient engagement

Increasingly the ability to add electronics to an existing device is a key factor in extending the relevance of an on-market product as well as provide differentiation from emerging competitors. We can leverage our understanding of the patient journey and software and electronics know how to provide you with options to ‘add on’ connectivity including accessories and mobile application options to existing devices as well as help you determine their ability to drive behavior change.


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