Device Strategy and Selection

Establishing your device and combination product strategy

The consideration of devices beyond delivering medication is critical and is increasingly a source of competitive advantage. Working from the patient journey as our foundation, we have the scientific and technology expertise to ensure you select the right device as well as help plan for the development of the combination product considering the usability, technology landscape, and commercial strategy for your combination product.

Patient Journey Research and Innovation

Integrating the voice of the patient into device development

Leveraging design research and applied ethnography to understand the patient journey, we identify unmet needs and help develop innovation possibilities for user-centered devices and experiences to support engagement across all aspects of disease state management. This foundation assures that patient and other stakeholders are considered continuously throughout development. This foundation can be used to project future state care models that address how patients and clinical stakeholders can be integrated into every aspect of care management to ensure effective outcomes to ensure definition of the most holistic patient experience possible that will be the basis for the whole of the development program.

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Advanced R&D and Technology Screening

Identifying the right technology for your application

With our repeatable R&D innovation process, we can identify through our scientific network and overall landscape new technologies or leverage existing ones into new applications that meet the needs of both targeted patient populations and drug assets by assessing their fitness for your application. Our lab and testing services can provide early input into viability and feasibility to remove risk from the device selection process.

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Combination Product Development and Manufacturing Planning

Planning for long term success

We believe it is critical to consider the entire combination product when scaled to a commercial-level combination product and that early planning is critical to ensure seamless progression through development and industrialization phases. We manage all aspects of the integration of device technology with primary container and consider requirements for development, clinical, and commercial manufacturing plan from the onset of programs.

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