Novelia®, Nemera’s new preservative-free multidose eyedropper, is now commercialized across 4 continents


NOVELIA commercialized products


PRESS RELEASE : Lyon, April 7th, 2015

As of today, Novelia® is the only preservative-free multidose system commercialized on the US market. Preservatives have been shown to be harmful to the eye and can lead patients to discontinue or skip treatment to avoid irritation and discomfort. The new multidose ophthalmic packaging Novelia® avoids the need for preservatives in the drug by preventing contamination of unpreserved formulations. Novelia® represents a major innovation in ophthalmic drug delivery by providing a preservative-free alternative for chronic treatments in a patient-friendly package. Novelia® has been well accepted by patients in over 15 countries worldwide, including the US, European, Latin American and Asian countries. It is used as for packaging drug products as well as medical devices. The key benefit for patients is that it can be used as a ‘classic’ multidose eyedropper. This device is able to calibrate droplets, which improves compliance. Its blue tip allows a better precision when targeting the eye and bottles are easy to squeeze. Novelia® is also more sustainable and affordable than unit-doses, and easier to carry. For ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies, Novelia® offers major advantages:

  • 100% controlled and safe thanks to its patented PureFlow™ technology
  • Functional with suspensions and solutions up to high viscosities
  • Large range of bottles
  • Compatible with most existing filling lines (screw cap)
    Simplified manufacturing process thanks to preassembled cap and nozzle

The key requirement for such a device is microbiological sterility; Novelia® has been tested and confirmed for content sterility and drop non-contamination for treatment duration (90 days). Novelia® represents a major innovation in ophthalmic drug delivery device by providing patients with a preservative-free alternative for chronic treatments, with a patient-friendly package.