NEMERA will be SPEAKING and EXHIBITING at Pharmapack 2017

NEMERA will be SPEAKING and EXHIBITING at Pharmapack 2017

Nemera will join more than 5,000 senior pharma professionals at Pharmapack, which will take place in Paris, on February 1st -2nd.

Meet us at the booth G7 to discover our innovative drug delivery devices!

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Also, don’t miss our experts presentations:

  • Save the date for our conference on February 2nd at 12:05:

“Innovation how to better handle self-injection of biologics?”

60% of current injectable pipeline in development is biologics (over 1000 drugs to date). These new drugs derived from living cells, present less adverse effects than small molecules and are typically used for treating patients in chronic conditions in homecare environment. We will consider in this conference both sides of the problematic: improving the patient experience and optimizing the formulation delivery. Protein-based therapies are more fragile, more viscous (delivering larger molecules in a higher concentration), rending the parenteral injections more challenging. Especially in a homecare setting conditions, patients’ adherence is key to ease self-injections. We will introduce innovation in autoinjectors allowing to handle viscous injections through thinner needles, tailoring of injection force within the course of delivery, disconnection of needle insertion and injection as well as ergonomics features that can help injection experience from patient point of view from manual to autoinjectors interfaces. Facilitating patients experience is a key driver to innovations in drug delivery devices. The conference will give you an insight of how a drug delivery developer and manufacturer is trying to solve the equation to deliver to the pharma industry innovations for devices on a constraint regulated market with safety and efficacy to the patients.

  • Don’t miss our Learning Lab presentation on February 2nd at 2:00 pm:

“How can airless drug delivery devices improve patient’s safety and convenience while reducing over filling and waste of formulation in dermal/transdermal treatments?”

This speech will detail the issues raised by existing atmospheric delivery solutions for both patients and formulations. Also, you can have an overview of airless solutions and advantages they give.

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About Nemera

Nemera is one of the world leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery solutions. Its expertise covers all five modes of delivery: Nasal/Buccal/Auricular (spray pumps, actuators, valves, etc.), Ophthalmic (preservative-free multidose eyedroppers), Pulmonary (pMDI, MDI’s, DPI’s), Dermal /Transdermal (airless & atmospheric dispensers), and Parenteral (autoinjectors, pens, and safety devices).

Nemera provides solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, including standard innovative products, the development of proprietary devices and contract manufacturing.