What is important when using a nasal spray?

What is important when using a nasal spray?

What is important when using a nasal spray?

Nemera develops and manufactures devices that truly improve patients’ life. In particular, we provide millions of nasal sprays all over the world. We work every day to develop new features to improve patients’ lives.

This is why we periodically organize user studies, to test our devices and get feedbacks and insights from users’ experience.

Recently, some nasal user studies have been organized at our La Verpillière site. The study aimed at receiving feedbacks and insights from nasal spray users, as well as to better understand their nasal care habits.

The study was done on 20 users, aged between 20 and 60.

One of the most important study outcome was to better understand what the users are expecting from their nasal spray.

Without any surprise, 57% indicated that ease of use is the most important point, followed by size and ease of transport.

Key points_nasal spray

The study also highlighted another interesting point: people don’t read the instructions for use. Only 25% of respondents always read them, but over 50% read them only occasionally.

Nasal spray_Instruction for use

This last point is very important to be considered, as it could explain how, in some cases, the patient adherence is not respected. Patient adherence is key for both therapy efficacy and avoidance of dangerous consequences using potent drugs.

How could a nasal spray improve patients’ adherence?

That’s why Nemera has launched Advancia®, the advanced level of patient adherence for nasal sprays, with its user-independence feature and innovative design. Advancia® multidose nasal pump is designed to deliver a consistent dose independently from the patient actuation. This unique user-independent feature guarantees a full dose delivery for every single spray.

Advancia, the advanced level of patient adherence

Furthermore, we could even offer patients a more advanced and connected solution to help them adhere to their treatment.

We’ve developed the first e-nasal spray device combining Advancia® high performance pump with an electronic reusable add-on, to improve patient adherence.

Combined with a smartphone application, e-Advancia® provides users with enhanced IFU (video, drug replacement alerts, priming instructions), usage feedback (location tracking, positioning, shaking, temperature) and compliance information (reminders, treatment history).

e-Advancia_electronic features

About Nemera

Nemera is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology & generics industries.
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