Nemera nasal pumps for bioequivalence win two CNPPA Awards


Nemera nasal pumps for bioequivalence win two CNPPA Awards

Nemera is proud to announce that its nasal pumps for bioequivalence programs won two CNPPA’S awards for New Product/Technology for Pharmaceutical Packaging:

  • First Prize
  • Prize for Best Investment Value Project

You can learn more about bioequivalence here.

CNPPA (Chinese Pharmaceutical Packaging Association) is a NGO association founded in 1980, counting more than 500 members: pharmaceutical & packaging materials industry, inspection agencies.
Evaluation of New Products/Technology for Pharmaceutical Packaging (New-PT), once two years, started in 2011, has become an indicator of China’s pharmaceutical packaging industry development. The mission of NEW-PT is to promote industry development and technical advance. New-PT has gained a great support from our members, has been recognized and appreciated by Chinese government. Meanwhile, many award-winning projects obtained policy support and financial support from national and local government.
The NEW-PT Award rewards the best companies on guidelines for development of medical industry, qualities of generic drugs and the therapeutic equivalence assessment.

The Chinese version of this article is here.