Seen in the press: Nemera’s interview featured in the ‘IPI’ journal


‘IPI’ journal features Nemera’s interview about how user needs drive product requirements.

The recently published ‘IPI’ journal includes an interview from Nemera:  “User Needs to Drive Product Requirements”.

In this interview, Grégoire Gauthier, Strategic initiatives Leader and Carolyn Rose, Leader in Design Research, both from the Insight Innovation Centers, Nemera; discuss to understand some nuances that help ensure success when considering the impact of user needs on product design.

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User needs are now a big aspect for a device’s development. The patient will be the one who will use the device so it is important to understand well what he is expecting. But this is complicated to take in consideration all the user needs. That’s why, this is important to prioritize some and ensure that they drive relevant decisions throughout the development of a drug delivery device.

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Nemera is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology & generics industries.
Nemera’s services and products cover several key delivery routes: Inhalation (pMDI, MDI’s, DPI’s), Parenteral (autoinjectors, pens, and safety devices), Nasal/Buccal/Auricular (spray pumps, actuators, valves, etc.), Ophthalmic (preservative-free multidose eyedroppers), Dermal /Transdermal (airless & atmospheric dispensers).

Nemera always puts patients first, providing the most comprehensive range of devices in the industry, including off-the-shelf innovative systems, customized design development and customer IP manufacturing.