Learning fact n°1 following our Dermal Round Table

Learning fact n°1 following our Dermal Round Table

Do you know that your fingertip is a unit of measure?


We are all using our fingertips every day: to use our mobile, to type on your computer, to play the piano, to be identified with our finger prints…. But do you know that your fingertip can also help you assessing the quantity of treatment (cream, gel etc.) to apply on your skin? There is even a unit in dermatology using it: the Finger-Tip Unit (FTU). It is defined as the amount of product (cream, ointment, gel) going out of a tube* applied from the distal skin-crease to the tip of the index of an adult. One FTU represents approximately 0.5g of product and it is the quantity to use to treat an area of skin twice the size of the flat of an adult’s hand with fingers together.

*tube with a 5mm diameter nozzle.

This learning fact was extracted from a round table organized in June with dermal experts. Click here to see the post of the event.





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