Want a job with purpose?

We put patients first, taking their needs into account as we design and manufacture drug delivery devices. Our work impacts millions of people that use our products every single day—over 5 million diabetics and 10 million asthmatics to be exact! Every job at Nemera has meaning and gives us the opportunity to help others. We take pride in being at the forefront of innovation and quality as one of the worldwide leaders in our industry.

Who do we typically recruit?

Nemera employees come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences and have so many different passions. Our employees speak more than 9 different languages, and have skills ranging from injection molding, program management, mathematical modeling, supply chain, and finance, to flying helicopters and playing in rock bands! Join us!

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The Nemera Values

You may have heard about The Nemera Values. We developed our values to articulate what makes us different. These values reflect the way we do business and who we are as a company. Our employees live these values as they do their jobs every day.

Nemera ValuesNemera ValuesNemera ValuesNemera Values

Do you always go the extra mile to deliver on your commitments? Enjoy working on a team? Want to feel proud of your work? Help us grow our business and make a real difference by contacting us about current opportunities.

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