Seen in the press: Nemera’s article featured in April ‘Pulmonary & Nasal Drug delivery’

Seen in the press: Nemera’s article featured in April ‘Pulmonary & Nasal Drug delivery’

Nemera’s “RetroNose” concept makes it to On Drug Delivery!

The recently published “Pulmonary & Nasal Drug delivery” magazine features Nemera’s article:  “RETRONOSE: IMPROVING NASAL DELIVERY THROUGH NEW AND IMPROVED DEVICE”.

In this article, Laurent Vecellio, PhD, Research Engineer, CEPR, INSERM U1100, University of Tours, and Scientific Director, Nemera; Déborah Le Pennec, Research Technician, CEPR, INSERM U1100, University of Tours; Guillaume Grevin, Senior Design Engineer, Nemera; and Alain Regard, Technology Product Manager, Nemera; evaluate the performance of the RetroNose nasal drug delivery device.


At Nemera, integrating early stages of drug development and translating the work into impactful product designs aligns perfectly with our purpose – we put patients first. Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to produce improved drug administration devices that in turn increase therapeutic efficacy. To achieve this objective, it is critical to get input and feedback across the various stages of development to ensure we avoid eventual deficiencies and use time and resources optimally.

RetroNose: the pMDI concept device targeting nasal drug delivery through oral administrationThe concept of nasal drug delivery via the oral route using a pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) in an upper airways model has been demonstrated in vitro, with promising results. All anatomical regions, except for the upper part of the nasal cavity, were successfully targeted, with relatively homogenous deposition. This nasal drug delivery system could be of interest for both local and systemic drug delivery, and for the delivery of vaccines.

RetroNose is a completely new drug delivery concept to dispense drug formulation to the nasal cavity. The principle of this concept is to deliver a spray through the oral cavity to deposit the drug in the nasal cavity from rear to front. To avoid aerosol penetration in the lung and to ensure deposition efficacy, the aerosol drug is automatically delivered during the nasal expiratory phase.

The drug particles are driven by the expiratory flow through the oropharynx, then the rhinopharynx finally entering the nasal cavity where they are deposited on all nasal surfaces.


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