Seen in the press: Nemera’s article featured in January ‘Ophthalmic Drug delivery’

Seen in the press: Nemera’s article featured in January ‘Ophthalmic Drug delivery’

“Ophthalmic Drug Delivery” magazine features Nemera’s article about the importance of user studies to understand what patients need.


The recently published “Ophthalmic Drug Delivery” magazine includes an article from Nemera:  “User testing: critical for truly understanding patient needs”.

In this article, Fanny Sellier, Global Category Manager, Ophthalmic Products, Nemera, presents three comparative user studies between Nemera’s Novelia® preservative-free, multidose eyedropper and similar products from competitors, highlighting the need for user studies in addition to standard in vitro tests when assessing the quality of an ophthalmic drug delivery device.

Eyedropper performance is mainly evaluated by in vitro tests, such as the dose variability against  shelf  life,  the  sterility of  the  content  and  the  delivered  drop.

Despite these important in vitro tests, the usability aspects of the drug delivery system are not fully considered.  Therefore,  also  conducting  a  user  test  evaluation  is  key  because,  even  if  it  is  successful  according  to the in vitro tests, an eyedropper may not necessarily  be  appreciated  by  patients  due  to  poor  usability.  Consequently, a device with good in vitro test performance could be clinically inefficient.

The article  reports  on  three  user  tests  that  have  been  conducted  to  evaluate  the  level  of  difference  in  terms  of  usability  characteristics   and   user   preferences   for   different preservative-free multidose systems.

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