Seen in the press: Articles about Nemera in the new magazine ‘The Pharmaceutical Post’

Seen in the press: Articles about Nemera in the new magazine ‘The Pharmaceutical Post’

“The Pharmaceutical post” magazine features Nemera’s innovative electronic and nasal devices.

The new “The Pharmaceutical Post” magazine includes two articles featuring Nemera’s products: one about the electronic devices and the other about current nasal devices and future developments.


In the first article, written by Marion Baschet Vernet, Hadrien Gremillet, Senior Strategic Market Analyst, explains the benefits of using electronic devices for patients.

Using an e-device can help patients having better device safety and patient adherence.

Patient adherence is a real challenge, mainly for long term treatments such as glaucoma, for example, as it’s essential for patients to get the correct dose at the right time. As Hadrien Gremillet says: “e-Novelia and Electronic Nasal Device platforms now include instructions for use, including the treatment regimen and how-to videos, with automatic detection of misuse. A light assist function guides the delivery of drops, reminding the user to shake the device before use and to re-prime the pump, or alert the user if the pump needs to be re-primed.”

enemera cloud platform

In the second article, written by Rachelle Lemoine, Pascale Farjas, Global Category Manager, ENT Products, Nemera, talks about the different range of nasal devices and explains the benefits of using the nasal route.

Pascale Farjas also explains the benefits of choosing the nasal route instead of pulmonary delivery: “The major difference between nasal and pulmonary delivery is that the lungs are vital organs and it is riskier to target them for systemic treatments.” The nasal Route seems to be promising. That’s why, we are working on the Retronose concept, in partnership with the University of Tours. RetroNose uses a breath-actuated pMDI to administer the drug through the buccal cavity during the nasal expiratory phase. The drug particles enter the nasal cavities through the rhinopharynx, which has a significant impact on the drug deposition profile.

Nasal devices: patient using bioequivalence nasal spray

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About Nemera

Nemera is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generics industries. Nemera offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services across ophthalmology, nasal, inhalation, dermal, transdermal and parenteral delivery. Nemera’s vision is to be the most patient-centric drug delivery device company. Nemera always puts patients first, providing high-quality solutions that have a demonstrable impact on patients’ health

Nemera’s newly branded Insight Innovation Center, with offices in North America and Europe provides consultative services to support your overall device strategy. Providing user research, Human Factors, User Experience design, and Design for manufacturing, the Insight Innovation Center can help customers navigate their device strategy for both novel and platform solutions. Users are at the center of everything that we do in our effort to always put patients first.