Seen in the press: Article about Nemera in the first e-book ‘Drug Development Delivery’

Seen in the press: Article about Nemera in the first e-book ‘Drug Development Delivery’

“Patient as a Team Member: Perspective of Integrating End Users in Inhaler Development”

Discover Nemera’s article featured in the first e-book on Respiratory delivery by “Drug Development Delivery” magazine.


In this article, Audrey Chandra, Patient Media Watch Analyst at Nemera, presents the importance of the patient’s input in the development of a drug delivery device, and specifically of an inhaler.

Treatment adherence is highly important for people who suffer from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Along with the paradigm shift to patient centricity, inhaler developers strive to innovate according to the unmet needs of the patient. The idea is to integrate the end-users patients into various phases of inhaler conception, as early as possible, to collect their input and better understand existing demand.



With the purpose of improving patient compliance and enhancing independent medical care, an electronic component could be integrated within the inhaler as a means of reminding patients to take their dose. Having immediate feedback features on the digital inhalers can reassure the correct dose administration technique, improving treatment efficiency.


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Nemera is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology & generics industries.

Nemera’s services and products cover several key delivery routes: Ophthalmic, Nasal, Buccal, Auricular, Inhalation, Dermal/Transdermal and Parenteral.

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