Seen in the press: Article about Nemera in May ‘Drug Development Delivery’


“Drug Development Delivery” magazine highlighted Nemera in its May issue ‘SPECIAL FEATURE – Prefilled Syringes & Parenteral Manufacturing: Flexibility for Faster Development’

The special feature presents Nemera’s Safelia® autoinjector: “New Autoinjector Delivers Viscous, High Dose drugs”.


In this article, Severine, Global Category Manager of parenteral segment, Nemera, present the new autoinjector which allow to deliver viscous and high-dose drugs.

This new autoinjector named Safelia® was designed specifically for biological drugs. This two-step autoinjector is an adjustable platform suited for either 1ml or 2.25ml-long PFS.

Severine Duband, our Global Category Manager of parenteral is explaining: “Combining these two sizes of prefilled syringes with the same device platform enables flexibility in drug development, as choice of final fill volume and syringe size can be made at a later development stage”




Safelia® has been designed to deliver viscous formulations and to reduce the risk of glass breakage. Two features enable it:

  • A cam-based mechanism to deliver more viscous formulations through thinner needles
  • A disconnected needle insertion and injection system to deliver the right dose at the right depth


“Thanks to plastic’s robustness, risk of breakage is prevented and high forces can be applied on the syringe. Plastic gives pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to use very thin needles (e.g. 29G) even with viscous drugs, which improve patient comfort.” explains Severine Duband



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